More Problems!

Sorry for double thread in row but i am trying starting my gmod server but i think i need port forwarding because the server goes LAN always

what i should do? and no do not tell me go because my router/modem is not there

i am using:
Sierra Wireless AC762S

it asks following:

still remaining unsolved mystery… for me…

What does? Don’t you know how to forward ports on your router?

you got it… it needs me to tell some “name” then IP and port

Make your computer/server/whatever you use, a static local ip. Typically it’s something like - Name is something you choose, it’s just an identifier. IP is the local IP, can also be found by typing ipconfig in cmd. Ports are the ports I provided you with. If you only can type one redirect port, it’s usually the starting port. Sometimes it might need to be 0.
Example (TCP 27020 27039):
Name: GMod Server #1
Starting port: 27020
Ending port: 29039
Redirect port: 27020
Type: TCP

it doesn’t ask for ending port or redirect port
just name, ip and port

No TCP/UDP option? Are you sure you selected port forwarding?

yes it asks for the port type TCP or UDP
but there is no ending port or starting from port

Just enter the port as the first port in the range you need to open. If you can’t get it to work, buy a new router.