More Props from Hammer

Hey guys

Just wondered if there was any way of getting more props into hammer? The default props are very limited and there doesn’t seem to be many to play with. Was surprised when I was trying to look for an open door frame and couldn’t find one! Even the lack of lamps etc is driving me crazy…

Is there a nice “pack” i can download and use or just another way of expanding on the props that come as default??

Thanks in advance

Check out the xsi mod tool. It will allow you to make all the props you ever need.

Is it easy to use for people who are modeling noobs?

Hell no.

I found it easy to get the hang of.

You should try better keywords if you can’t find loads of lamps, and door frames are normally made with bushes.

Bah, Just buy an epic pc and a make all you’re models in Hammer with brushes.

You just can’t do some things with brushes that you can with models.

If you plan on mapping for the purpose of adding to a digital art portfolio, then I highly recommend learning to model (doesn’t matter which program you want to use, just as long as you can get a good feel for it).
Modelling is a really handy skill to have and allows you to make some great assets for your maps, allowing a heck of a lot more freedom in what you create.

I’ve actually made some really useful props with this, to be honest.

Yes, because a good pc will instantly teach you how to model.


That’s hardly an answer here. It’s only useful for sidestepping engine limits and making mockups of models you plan to make in a real modelling program.
Other than that, propper is no better than using brushwork.