More Random Cinematic poses

Steam is deadly.

I dont really like this after I added the lens flare.

Are you a time traveller from 2006?

This makes me nostalgia of the old days of the screenshots section.

Oh, and, that’s not saying these are bad either. These are good, albeit bland. Moreso the first one.


I kind of like this. Started with GMod in 2009.

Bubz was a groovy mother fucker back in the days of love, I tell ya’ what.

Good times. Good pictures.

Psh no if it were 2006 it’d probably be a Bioshock pose. Or the agonizingly long STALKER phase everyone went through.

Still though, good times.:unsmith:

They are quite good. But go easy on the bloom, and don’t blur so much. Also work on your angles a bit more. :buddy: