More resource piles?

Are more wood/stone piles gonna be added throughout the whole map instead of just certain areas?? I’d rather set up my base in an area further from the regular spawning area but still have enough resources around.

I think we should first consider getting resources spread out further, so people won’t be so bunched together. Also a easter egg at the end of the map would be pretty cool :smiley:

the easter egg is your death…

What about a super hatchet? I think I like that idea better

more resources? how about less ? so that you cant build a big ass house+ all the gear you need in 1-2 ingame days …

I don’t mind people building large houses personally, but seeing fewer metal resource nodes would be nice. Also, I don’t think metal fragments should spawn in loot boxes, probably not gunpowder either.

According to Pats post a few days erlier they planning to spread resource nodes acroos the map so players wont be bunched anymore

He means more around the map, not more were there already are woodpiles, spread them out more… I also think people build to fast and they get wood to fast …

Yeah, Dont buntch up resources, spread em out.