More resources?

Garry, if you read this please add more resources, wood piles, and animals because I just feel there aren’t enough right now to get everything started.

Theres plenty of resources it’s just a fish eat fish world out there, and people get go it before you.

i agree with super you cant get supplys and get back to your base without getting killed by people who ruin the game

how are they ruining the game if the premise is survival?

fiar enough but we people literally kill you for hitting a tree then they have gone to far

I agree that there is a lot of kills on sight but until there is an incorporated clan or grouping for members its the nature of it right now. People would rather kill you first than worry about you later. Plus there really isn’t much need to have groups yet as the animals and zombies are way too easy to handle alone. Once the difficulty is raised or newer more difficult mobs are added it won’t change.

yes i agree but if nobody kosed randomly no one would kos the them so there would need to feel unsafe this does not apply for raiding

Would also help if you couldn’t build in the Radiation zones and put metal doors on all of the buildings. Although you can loot through the majority of the windows its just a ball ache to get anything good when 4 high spawning areas in one of the Rad Zones is completely blocked off.

indeed sir you are correct

Just played on the EU server there seems to be plenty rocks and wood piles but not animals though the problem before was not that there was not enough resources but the fact that you could not get to them.

Well honestly I’ve had the other issue, bountiful amounts of rock and animals however little wood. Its been a while since I last played possibly about 2 months but in that time it does seem they’ve not increased the proximity of resource spawning. Perhaps if they opened up more of the map players wouldn’t be so scrunched up in one area fighting over one lone log pile.

I’m pretty sure a dev (forgot who :P) said they are trying to make the resource spawns mapwide rather then just small sections, remember I said I think someone said that not for sure.

It’s planned to be procedural resource spawning (not in the same spot, just randomly around the map).

Oh, gamers these days… :frowning: