More Servers!

Right now if you look more servers are being added! Im so happy maybe finally I wont get spawn killed! Whats is your guys opinion on this change?

You beat me to it but yep! hopefully some balance amount of people between the two servers.

Ya I hope so.

they are now gone…

Yeah only EU (What a surprise)

My friends were playing with me. We got an airdrop. Half of us logged and we can’t get back in. I do not really mind since its a beta but its funny how EU constantly gets shafted.

The EU servers are always down, to be honest i am sort of regretting buying this game. Not really worth the money.

I’m Starting to think the same.

It’s not even finished yet, and you were told this up front. It’s in active development. That means things change, things might break. Once upon a time, Half-Life 2 was about this sophisticated while it was being developed.

Don’t even bother explaining, they will always be whining downers, always…

If you give me your invoice ID I will give you a refund and remove your account

Dear Garry,

Are these new US server 2 permanent?I hope so :frowning:

These added servers give me as an Aussie hope that more servers for other countries might be constructed in the future.

Garry said something on my thread, I feel magical. I think I am going to go buy a lottery ticket now.

2-3 servers is good for now I feel. IMHO.

after all not that big yet + I imagine personal servers will eventually happen.

Garry look out you got groupies.

I thought the population of ~90 on the US server was pretty good, now they feel somewhat deserted.

That’s what I feard of.
More servers, more clusters and disorganization :frowning:
Still I know servers will fill up but I really don’t like the idea of private servers as in dayz.
Little groups of players parted in tons of servers.


Agreed, for the time being I hope Garry doesn’t allow private servers.

He’s now selling 250 keys a day instead of 100, so it’ll fill up quickly.

Garry I really want my account back Please and it would of been nice just to message me if I did want a refund which I don’t but I haven’t received my money back yet but I don’t want it back I want the game.

More PvE Servers please. 1 or 2 in EU would be nice.