More suggestions. Time for improvement on building mechanics.

Hello. Even more suggestions, even though i know a lot of people have been posting suggestion threads lately. I would like to post some suggestions based on a few stories from my rust-life.

First idea: Ghost placing.

Story: A few days ago, some friends and i, decided it was about time that we made a big, metallic, shared base. We had all the mats, made the parts and while i was making parts, my team-mates where out scouting for a good location.
Now, we found a good spot, and off we went to go make our dream house. When we got to the spot, wich was nice and flat, we started placing foundations. but then the problem… In a specfic spot the ground was 0,001 inches higher than the original foundation.
And sadly in a spot that pretty much ruined our plan. That really sucked, and i know other people have had theese problems before. expecting foundations to be placed places where they looked like they could. and at 120 fragments per foundation, and we already placed like 10. it was quite expensive to abandon that spot (i know we could have just worked something around or something, but we really wanted it to be perfect)

How it works: Now. I got the idea from the foundation ‘‘ghost’’ that goes either green or red when you are about to place something. What would be really great would be able to ‘‘build’’ more than just 1 foundation in ‘‘ghost’’ mode. Then you could place several ‘‘ghost’s’’ to see if it would all work out. By i.e Clicking Mouse 3 (wheel click). How the placement after that would work is a matter of ‘‘fast’’ building. i suggest personally only the FIRST foundation will be placed after you press LMB.

Second idea: Siege tower like ‘‘support brackets’’

Story: One time me i had this tower like base in a nice spot, a friend joined me and built a same style base next to me. But. since i had to make build blockers all around, and already finished my roof before i even met him, there was no way other than going from the top of our towers, all the way down, to get into each others base’s. but we were only 1½ foundation length from eachother, and could see one another trough our windows and almost throw stuff over to the other guys base :). we were that close.

What im thinking is someway to make a ceiling ‘‘outwards’’ without having to have a foundations and pillars beneath it.

How it works: Imagine you build a 1x1 tower. 4 stories tall. on the 4th floor. you could add some sort of ‘‘support’’ brackets that could hold a ceiling to only 1 side. The support brackets can only hold 1 ceiling and not anymore in length the brackets would also prevent you from building higher, preventing stairs/ramps. im sure this would add a little to raiding and defense strategies too XD. thats why the limitations.

Second idea (maybe the craziest): Hired NPC’s

Story: I had a 6x6x1 base near the split rad zone once, and i was actually hire’ing nakes to be ‘‘locked’’ onto my roof with a m4 to shoot anyone who got near. payed them food and resources. (spikes downstairs alongside walls and a door leading to roof, so he couldnt get out).

How it works: Perhaps when/if NPC humans/bandits are implemented in the future. you could hire a guard or two?

Thanks for reading. Merry xmas and happy new year everyone.

I agree with building suggestions, but completely disagree with hiring npc’s… IMHO only “thinking” being in game should be players.

Yeah, i was thinking about leaving that out too. but considering there have been talk of turrets in the game. i think a npc human is more realistic than a turret XD

I agree with the first two ideas :dance:

I will not go into details, but your 2nd suggestion could be abused! I believe this is one of the main reasons why developers do not implement horizontal construction.

Please explain how it would be abused?


Let me rephrase that.

I know you’re saying that you wont go into details, but you cant just say ‘‘X sucks, because it does’’ Id like to have an intelligent discussion, which is becomming a rarity around here.

Also define the term abuse from your point of view.

I agree with the buliding suggestions, but not the hiring idéa.

Question though: Why did you “disagree” with Vanrael just because he didn’t agree with all 3?

Apparently my mouse was a few mm’s more to the right. was ment to be an agree.