More than one available scripting/programming language for custom content in Garry's Mod.

Dunno if anyone else ever thought of this or made a thread for it, but I think it would be handy-dandy if Garry added support for other coding languages in GMod. It would be nice to make something in Python, Lua, Ruby, Perl, or anything else. It would also be handy to be able to make stuff in C++, but I’m pretty sure than would be a bad idea. So, if you think this is good/bad leave a post 'ere!

yea one is called “opis14andfreshmanok” u sould try it out ok

Having one user-scriptable language is more than enough.


If you really want another language or two, you can always install EventScripts and use python, or install SourceMod and use SourcePawn. Lua is just in there by default.

Meh, I just thing having more than one available for GMod would be kind of cool.

It might be cool but it would ruin the idea of addons & plugins being easy to create with Lua. We’d end up with separate everything for the new language.

But wouldn’t it make stuff like a portal gun or something easier? You wouldn’t HAVE to use the other languages, just use Lua if you want. If I were able to set it up I’d set up an addon system sort of like
addon folder>python>files for addon
addon folder>ruby>files for addon
and so on.

Why would you want to do that? Having more languages will only lag the game significantly when scripts are parsed, and you will experience crashes a lot more often. (Not to mention the frustration it is for the addon creators to work with several different language)

LUA is easy and useful enough, just learn it. There are no features in other languages that is more superior than GMOD LUA, which deserves to be added in the game.

As mentioned, you don’t have to use all of them. If all you want to use is Lua, then only use Lua.

Lua is not an acronym, do not capitalize it as such.

Also, GMod’s implementation of Lua stripped out a bunch of standard modules, which pissed me off. There’s probably a good reason for it, but still, I was pissed.

As for my contribution to the idea, B1N4RY did mention the whole instability of having multiple interpreters running (an actually GOOD point), so my theory is a checkbox-like system, of “Enable Lua”, “Enable Python”, “Enable Ruby”, etc. By default Lua would be enabled and the rest disabled.

Your missing what I’m trying to say, but I agree with lavacano pretty much.

If you want to work with Python and make an addon in Python, you make it in Python.
If you want to make it in Ruby, you work in Ruby and make it in Ruby.
If you want to use Lua, go for it.

It would be better to have more languages because more things would be possible with a more powerful language.

If you want to use Python, use gm_python.

Never heard of it :confused:

Chad you don’t seem to really even know what you’re talking about…

I do know what I’m talking about. I’m suggesting the possibility of adding more than one programming/scripting language for custom made content for Garry’s Mod.

So when a feature is added for LUA, the other languages would need the same updates in order to avoid becoming obsolete. It’s basically double the work in that area. Sounds like hell to maintain.

To keep something good, it requires work.

There’s no benefits to adding other languages that accomplish the same thing. Someone who already knows one of those languages should be fairly competent enough to learn Lua.

I really fail to see what another language will bring to GMod that Lua doesn’t already bring. This is completely unnecessary.

Not only that but people who wanted to learn scripting in GMod would have to choose between Lua and some other language, and they’d only be able to get help from people who knew how to script in that language. Garry would have to maintain and support the implementation for the other languages, so each one would be worse overall.

I can’t see any good coming of a change like this. Pretty much everyone would just use Lua anyway, seen as it’s absolutely piss easy to learn and all the material on the Wiki is for Lua.

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