More variety in citizens

Does anyone know where i can find a replacement for the default citizen skin that adds a bit more variety to their clothing? i’ve found a replacer for refugees which is good, but i need citizen skin replacements.

Depends what you mean by variety.
If you mean that they just look casual and different, then you can download about few zillion different packs from around. (Search)

This looks good, but problem is that it’s already hexed and the pack it links to is missing (“File not found”) I tried to find the skins from ZM myself but they have different filenames…

So what if it’s hexed?

I don’t see any “problem” there, why would you want to replace the original citizens?

well, i want to use the skins in more than just garry’s mod (I.E Skin replacements for Synergy).

Then you just have to get a photoshop and a .vtf plugin and do it manually.