More Vietnam Stuff

These are extra weapons to go along with spikes vietnam pack:

Some tiger stripe soldiers are coming up later when I get to hexing them. :stuck_out_tongue:

All of them are hexed models from FPS-B, I edited the texture on the Car 15 to a vietnam war version.


Ohh, Nice addition to the Vietnamese troopers. Some great models been comin’ out on FP

Technically, that’s an M16 Carbine, not a CAR-15. It’s missing the large muzzle brake/compensator/flash hider or whatever that damn thing’s called, and it has the non-heavy barrel that’s indicative of the early model M16 variants.

Doesn’t really make any difference, though.

It’s a car-15

Nice weapons.


Creedence? Awesome!

Where is this one?

never mind its in the original

His has the m60 also, basically you got every gun you want. Unfortunately the LAW launcher on fpsb was a V model only. :frowning:

It is all there, muzzle break and everything else is identical to a car-15. Still don’t see what difference you are coming up with. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the eponymous Vietnam song.

…Also, black guy scares me.

CAR-15’s don’t have bird cage flash hiders.

On every car-15 I have seen they have one or an elongated hider.

Is the second what you are thinking of?

Neither. The top one is either a Colt Carbine (M16 Carbine) or a Colt 653/733… can’t tell because you can’t see whether or not it has a brass deflector or a rounded forward assist. The below is a semiautomatic civilian copy with a longer flash hider. You can tell because it’s much longer than military issue CAR-15 flash hiders.

This is a CAR-15 (XM-177E1) of Vietnam vintage. Note lack of brass deflector and non-rounded forward assist as well as short tubular flash hider with sound baffles.

Not like it makes any difference – whoever made the model probably just cut down a pre-existing M16 model without giving minor details any thought.

The model’s rar was titled 653 but they titled it Car 15 in fps-b, the only thing I was going off of in retrieving the rifle was pictures and remembering it’s use in battlefield Vietnam. :stuck_out_tongue:

do you use this weapons or r the unuseable?

What happened to the smartness system that would ban this guy for posting? :stuck_out_tongue:

…can you shoot whit it ore is it only a prop then.

oh you reskinned the wrong ragdoll btw