More View Distance? Especially for Objects?! How?

Hey People,

im wondering about the Viewdistance… i see a fire is burning just if im nearer than 20 meters, i see camp fire spots only if im nearer than 20 meters… loot too…

this is my main question is there a command for the console to set the view distance up ??

like 100 meters?

Example: you build a home in a higher place and want to see around in the night if there burning fires or running people with torches but you CANT see it … because the view distance is to low for it.

any solutions?


The fire changed in the last patch. You should still see the light from it but not the fire itself, I hate it also.

They need to make an option to turn on or off. My computer can handle alot fire’s so let me see them :rolleyes:

yes this true, i have such a good computer and like to see MORE ^^

Id like 1000m+ view distance my pc can handle it

I agree with this. Having everything pop in so close is weird.

So you CAN see light from it but you CANT see the fire?
What exactly happend with the last updat?