More Weapon attachments

I know there are plenty of cool weapon attachments at the moment, but I just thought of a few good ideas for some new ones. Also, as of now all the weapon attachments do is improve accuracy or let you see where you are shooting better, and who the hell even uses a silencer? Well, heres my big list of weapon attachments that I suggest:

Bayonet attachment. Could be a sharpened wood stick, or actual metal bayonet, or both. Since ironsights are right mouse, the bayonet stab would be middle mouse. This would let you defend yourself when you run out of ammo and 3 naked guys with hatchets are charging towards you. That would be a pretty awesome situation.

Grip. This would improve your accuracy and reduce recoil. Would also allow you to do more damage with the bayonet.

Tripod. This would be very useful if you are getting raided by a large group of people. You would be able to mount on windows, and your laser sight would still be mounted while active. On another short note, you could make a machine gun that only comes from supply drops to go along with this. It would have massive recoil unless mounted.

(MAYBE) Some sniper-rifle like ACOG sights. First off, these could be an alternative if snipers are planned to come into the game. Trust me, I hate getting killed by some guy a mile away without a chance in hell to even defend myself just as much as you. These would be very accurate, and you would slightly zoom in when this sight is in use. When in use, you are unable to see anything except through the sights (so if somebody with a hatchet comes by, tough luck). If these come into play, I suggest a semi-automatic hunting rifle that wouldn’t do too much damage, but would be extremely accurate. This would give your prey time to find cover. I know some people will hate this suggestion due to past traumatic moments in DayZ, but these would be really cool if they weren’t OP.

And, a new system of putting attachments on guns would be cool. Like, per say, you would only be able to put one scope on, one or two end of the barrel attachment on, and either the tripod or grip (or maybe both if that would be more realistic. I am no gun expert.)

Also note that some of these I even realize are a little bit far-fetched, but the main thing I really want in the game is BAYONETS :smiley:

Stop suggesting items it’s been done a million times. Also nice 12 year old humor name.

Stop suggesting items? I thought you were supposed to suggest stuff in Alpha? I don’t see why you feel the need to be such an ass. I don’t even know you. Also I searched for past threads like this, I couldn’t find any, so sorry if this thread really is a copy; but I am also pretty sure that I was able to add at least a couple new suggestions.