More weapons more fun!

I thought that maybe as a “survivor” in this game there should be less advanced weapons then bows and guns because who would know how to make them so these are a few suggestions


Sling Shot(i think thats how its said) Good for hunting animals and little harder to aim then bow
Throwing rocks/knifes/hatchets Wouldnt it be fun to throw ur axe at people who are stalking you :stuck_out_tongue:


To all those people who want swords and knifes HATCHET IS THE SAME THING
Shield would be nice to block a hatchet or a flying axe :smiley:
Spear Long range…Spear is the name we all know what it is

Hope you like these ideas and hope that an admin will read and like too.Hope i get the game soon and Good Bye!

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If you guys want me to post more of my ideas comment or something i dont know i will check peace ^^

I actually agree with you.
( People, I am not saying to change all this now so please don’t argue with “It is alpha, gtfo” )
Cause making a m4 with hundreds of metal chunks by hand on a workbench seems a bit too easy.
I would love if the game had more melee, people overrate guns too much.
Ofcourse, I am not saying remove guns after all the modelling and scripting work was put in them, just make them more resource consuming and more difficult to find the resources.
My Suggestions.
More household items that you would find in ruined homes, like forks or meat knifes ( Butchers knifes )
That would be a start. Next would be chemical stuff, like bleach, rat poision, more bleach. That would be a nice way to customize your weapons or maybe tie up a guy a pour bleach in his assh… emm… mouth until he goes to “sleep”.

Would be nice to be able and craft a boomerang, wood/stone/metal tip spears.

Basically. Focus more on melee rather than guns.

Feel free to tell the flaws of my ideas, I won’t bite :smiley:

I just dont think any of these ideas fit into the game… sound more like a medival game you guys have an idea for… thats just my opinion!

The problem is if making a gun like m4 is more hard and not more powerfull than melee weapons, it will be very hard to egal the power of the weapons. Because it will be nice for new player, but not for high player who will have gun, the question is complex.

How does a m4 not have more power than a axe,spear,hatchet,sword?
The thing with melee weapons is that they are deadly at close range ( Next to each other )
But with a m4.mp5,pistol you can headshot the player from 100+ metres.

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It aint a first person shooter either :confused:
We need both, not melee or guns alone.

Im happy that some of you or one of you like it because as a plater of these types of games i thought in myself “If i was out without nothing would i know how to make a M4 with a blueprint and few stuff?” Then i said to myself i would get it wrong 100 times and then i would know how to make it but a slingshot or a spear is pretty simple yet effective weapons wich are actually used by new people who havent got comfortable enough to sit alone and make weapons all day.I like the boomerang idea would be cool but also will need skill.Also comment if you want more of my ideas Good Bye

this is a game, not a simulator on how to survive on an island with naked people and hatchets

When did anyone say that it is not a game, but a simulator?
And I don’t think your post has to do anything with this topic.