more wepons and animals

I think that assault wepons should only be found in supply drops no craftable ar15 or mp5s or pistols
new ideas add muzzleloaders only wepon you can craft they can shoot round musket balls pointed bullets or rocks and you should be able to add small bbs like a shotgun
slingshot can shoot rocks and bbs also craftable
rope should be craftable to make

animals that should be added
mountain lion
birds like dove and quail

traps that should be added

claw traps for holding animals until you kill them
snares for capturing and killing rabbits and squirrels
box trap to catch rabbits and squirrels but they stay alive in it
spike fall trap to lure bigger game in it like deer bear mountain lion zombies and even other people and put stuff on top to help hide it
fish trap to catch fish
net traps to capture zombies bears mountain lions and other people in to keep alive but people can cut ther way out over time

and if you think of more post and like so that people can see and hopefully ad to game thank you for reading

Rabbits are already in, :slight_smile: not sure what to say about the rest, lol.

Traps would be cool, I personally would like to see them in a more pvp sense however. Pitfalls and snares would be a great defense for raiders and I feel like this would effect game play more that having a few more things to eat.

you spelled “wepons” wrong and the only reason you’re sayingguns should be craftable is because you cant get the supplies to make them and get killed by people who are good at the game

A incredibly broken and unbalanced game at that… You realize this is in alpha stage right, or did you just take a break from call of duty to play this?

They need weapons to be hand crafted and believable, the factory made weapons should only be attainable through military based drops. I also like the animal and human traps, I could image setting up a house of trap for people to come in >:)

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that’s what im talking bout having a house of traps

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I never saw them all I see are chickens deer and pigs

there are bears and wolves also…