"Morning Breeze"

Scenebuilds are always fun aren’t they?


Minor clipping with a leaf and the middle guys backpack.
The rain doesn’t look so good.

Other than that, nice job. I especially like the glimpse of light coming through the foliage.

Rain isn’t the best, I wouldn’t have even noticed the clipping on the backpack if he didn’t mention it.
The rest, everything else, I love it.
Especially the thread music.

Lol, the rain isn’t even made by me, it was already in the map. I tried taking advantage of it but didn’t work out as i planned. :confused:

Very nice, and very nice atmosphere but something about the composition isn’t right… It leans too much to the left in my opinion. But still, nice. I like the rain hitting the water.

Could use some fog.

Needs a bit more atmosphere in my opinion, and the guy looking at the camera is holding his M16 a bit loosely to me. Other than that brilliant, good work.

Where do people get all these jungle maps? I may be stupid but i don’t find any of these damn vietnam maps

It’s a scenebuild.

And there was no need for that bump.