morning hotfix?

So me and a friend were playing this morning and I noticed that after the update and server restart every storage box was empty, and 3 walls were missing. Stuff can be regained, however that was annoying. The bad part comes when a floor is over 60% stable and pillars crumble, and window bars fall of 100% stable walls. Is there a planned fix so we can build again? In it’s current state personally I would say the stability system needs a lot of work as it makes no sense half the time with stuff that should work that doesn’t and the opposite for things that shouldn’t.

I think it was the signs that derped up the stability, so I would expect a fix next week. It hasn’t really given me too much grief so far but I also haven’t built very high yet.

I haven’t either. I just find it odd I can’t place window grids with 100%. or a pillar on 60+.