Morning in the asphalt labyrinth

on gm_black as always. edited ingame.

funny how this was originally a hl2 scene, then some sort of cyberpunk thing and then i thought fuck it and turned it into a new york-esque city



Incredible work, man.

You just keep raising the bar man!

Where can i find most of the props that are in this scene?


lol yeah

metro, diprip, fallout, gta 4, mass effect. they should be on the workshop and

best urban/cityscape scene ever

Holy shit

also lol at rapelling guys

I smell a Watchdogs. Also - perfect.

Hello new wallpaper

oh there’s a squatting slav too

and do i spy two HL1 G-Men

oh yeah those security cameras :v:

haha, was waiting for someone to notice these :stuck_out_tongue: there are indeed two gmen sitting in the van. look inside the subway train and you’ll see even more of them lmao

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oh btw i found a solution to the lamp shadow issue that was brought up in my last thread. you just have to use the square lamp texture instead of the gradient sphere. though i’d still recommend using separate lamps for close by props since the shadows are ugly as shit, especially if the lamp fov is more than 40.

Why you’d rate this a shitpost I have no idea because it’s amazing.

haha thanks, i always just pick a random one. i hate using the art icon.

It’s a fantastic build but I’ve just noticed that there are a few dudes lacking shadows of any sort.

sometimes ragdolls refuse to cast any shadows. i’m not sure why. i bet i could’ve gotten around that by placing lamps close to them, but that would’ve screwed with the lighting and caused a huge fps drop :expressionless:

It’s good, but several flaws bother me.

Rim lighting is badly executed and gives the primary character in the scene a pasted look. Also no shadow on him as noted above. The rappelling infantry units at the background are badly posed. The overall shadow edges are grainy and you can just tell a low-quality lamp was placed somewhere there. Texture qualities are inconsistent. The sun rays effect is too gamish, I’d like to see it replaced with some better looking edits in PS. Could use ambient occlusion.

Wow buddy, making my shit look like… Shit! Haha

You did a very nice job with the scenebuild - lots of depth, well populated, lighting is good, realistic and relevant prop layout, and even a pretty well done composition. The most staggering point I find is the detail, there is tons of it! Not everybody has that ‘eye’ for that kind of stuff. But very well done.

Obviously there are many places to improve as people pointed out, so I won’t go into too much detail as I’m sure you’re aware of how to fix and tweak where needed. But as for the shiny/reflective cubemap issue on certain props, you can fix that by entering mat_specular 0 into the console. It’ll get rid of that purplish tint (like on the mustang in the back, glass, cs_props, and a few other props). The more props spawned, the longer it will take to recompile the cubemaps just so you know.

Good work, keep them coming! :smiley:

heh, thanks :smiley: also, good to know that command. it’ll definitely be of use.

yep, could indeed use ambient occlusion. i have AO on, but half of the time it fails to work. the inconsistent texture quality is always an issue, but i sadly can’t fix it unless i re-skin every prop :expressionless: also the rim lighting isn’t something i put there intentionally so idk

Very fine work here, the only thing, which i didn’t even notice at first, is what VIoxtar said, the rim-lighting and lack of shadow on the guy does look a bit weird. Otherwise, near perfect. How much time did you spend on this overall?

hard to say the exact amount, but approximately 2 hours a day in 3 to 4 days. could be less, or more.