Morning patrol



Aerial view, i know you guys love these:


The suspension of that Crown Vic seems to be lowered. But damn bro, this looks really nice.

The music is really great for this.

Inspired by XCOM 2?

I like this.

Where’s the mech thing from, though?

Love it.


I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore

oh, this is goood!

aw yiss

Remind me some Simon Stalenhag’s art.

Mantis from Halo 4, found it in Halo porting thread.

Awesome as always.


I was about to ask where the big houses are from but I realized they’re from Contagion :v:
The smaller house at the front doesn’t look familiar though, source on it maybe?

Looks really really great though, good job!

They’re all from Contagion, don’t worry. It’s the only house with high enough detail though, so that’s why i put it in front :stuck_out_tongue:

This is magnificent. Can’t understand why the guy in the robe is pouring the cop coffee and what that giant mechanical drone next to him is doing since I can’t soom in, but it’s still pretty neat.

Btw, that’s gmod right?

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I wouldn’t have made the sky that white though, from the sun’s direction it would be whiter, but the top part should’ve been darker/orangish?

i think the drone guy’s trying to get a share of the coffee but is being middle-finger blocked by the cop

maybe its just a nice dude willing to give out some morning refreshments

This is amazing!
what map are you using?