Morning Prisoner Break

What’s up, FaceBrunch? It’s been a while. We should definitely do lunch sometime.

This is one of my first big projects since starting photoshop. It’s some pretty rudimentary stuff, but I’m working on getting into editing more of my pics instead of just screencapping and posting. I’m not entirely satisfied with how this turned out, but as I’m still new to this most of my first few edits will probably be shit anyway. Anywho, gimme some feedback on this.

The blood looks pretty bad.

Yup. Again with that ‘first time photoshopper’ thing.

Some of the stuff in the picture doesn’t make sense. There’s a Nintendo on the floor, the guy on the left has blood coming out of his mouth even though his mouth is just now presumably getting busted up. It also doesn’t look anything like a prison(unless it was the warden’s room).

you need to darken the blood a fuckton

This was supposed to be the guards’ barracks, thus NES, dude in casual clothes, and dude in pseudo-police gear :cough:rebel:cough:. In restrospect, I think adding some more barracks-y stuff would’ve been a good move.

As far as muzzle flashes and smoke, how’d I do?

Literally, just set the blood layers blendmode to darken or multiple.

Also, the low res rebel model doesnt really fit the scene and colorscheme

Those are homemade blood effects, not copy pasta’d from a google search. Which is why they look like shit.