"Morning Recon" (all in-game editing)

Just a cold, foggy morning of recon.



Uh, you rated yourself.

Doesnt matter, I agree.

That does not really offer ways I could improve the picture.

Looks good to me

What map?

hm… its good… but a little empty of Editing… maybe some shadows here and there… then it would look cool

I dunno, but it feels like the fog isn’t right, I can’t exactly explain it.
Other than that it’s quite nice.

I like it, It could have a little more going on, but I like it.

Mess with the grass next to the guy looks a bit out of place.

Now you just have to take advantage of spot lights, point lights, bloom, and color correction in game.

rnl_lafiere from Resistance and Liberation.

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You mean edit it to look better, right? That was part of the map.

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I agree. It could have more in it.

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Yeah, it could use some more shadows.

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It’s not like recon is anything other than sitting around watching the enemy and trying not to be seen.

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Ha. Yeah, my sister said it looked like smoke

Yeah, it does. Make it less boring

Getcha ego outta your ass then maybe you can offer suggestions. How does he make it less boring this majesty?

I think its a good shot and angle and I suppose the Ideas solid, however some snazzy out-of-game editing would of spruced it up a bit.

Well, its recon…