first in facepunch :slight_smile:

Really good for your first! Though it looks like you did some weird sharpen/blur combo which kinda makes my eyes hurt a little.

This is the best fucking music. Nice build.

Thanks! i changed pic without unsharp mask.

Yes It’s my favorite music.

Very well done, sir!

An attentiveness to detail in screenshots is key. Maybe have a few people talking, drinking coffee, briefcases, etc. Accessories to make the scene more lively.

excellent atmosphere

This is pretty nice

I’m not accusing anyone of anything here, but I swear to god I’ve seen this picture before. It could have been just a pretty similiar pic or just my mind playing tricks, but the guy with the beanie, his look. The crossed armed guy and the ZIT poster really makes me believe I’ve seen it bfore, you haven’t post this anywhere else or something have you?

i haven’t post this anywhere i’m just upload this on imgur for post this pic

You have a bright future here on Facepunch, keep it up!

The guy in the suit looks out of place. Not model-wise, but posing and lighting wise. He seems to be unnaturally incandescent, yet dim. The guy to his left is very dark but he’s well-lit in comparison. It’s a very awkward and unnatural contrast.