Morph ball?

So I was doing some random searches through, and an idea came to me after searching for Metroid related stuff.

I would like to request a SWEP or bindable script that upon activation, turns the player into a small controllable spherical prop (such as the helicopter bomb thingie). Primary fire while in ball form would drop a small explosive (for simplicity’s sake, a grenade), while alternate fire would cause the ball to hop. Reload would return the player to normal. (Maybe Shift = boost ball?)

I hope it isn’t too much to ask. Mostly I just thought something like this would be neat.

Not much to ask at all, hell, I built this while trying to make a space ship. I’ll see what I can do, already got the base entity anyway. It’ll come out being a SENT, dunno about building a SWEP for it, may be better to ask a Lua coder to do that.

That actually sounds really easy. Now to add a challenge to it, make it so when you go a certain speed it stays upright and makes a small trail behind it.

So basically it can’t turn? I dunno if it’d turn it right. Sphere models are rather pointy, and as a result jump around a bit. The trail is no problem though, so I’ll put that in :P, but it’s gonna be difficult to keep it from jumping without a perfectly spherical model.

Alright let me show what I mean.

skip to 2:21
You see, when the morph ball just started moving, it was tumbling around every where. But once you get enough speed, it starts to work like a bike and balances itself to stay upright and create a trail. As for the turning problem, can’t you do what Garry did to make the balls move well?

If you attach something to one of Garry’s bouncy ball SENTs, you’ll notice that the actual 3D model behind it (one of the airship bombs, by the way) doesn’t actually rotate.

If smooth rolling is actually necessary, the two most smoothly rolling spherical models I’ve seen are the companion sphere from Portal and the gumball from the rail/rollercoaster menu in the PHX mods.

The reality is you shouldn’t be relying entirely on the physics object for movement. You should actually be creating your own type of movement mechanism for such a project, otherwise you’ll end up with unsatisfactory results.

The bouncy ball doesn’t actually use any model’s physics. Its physics is set with Lua so it is perfectly round. The heli-bomb’s only purpose is to make the shadow for the ball. The cartoony ball is actually a 2D image rendered right in the middle of the ball, but it has a spherical illusion.

So what we should do is make it perfectly round using lua and have a morph ball model instead of a 2D picture?

disable model physics, make a sphere with lua, connect.

easy! :buddy:

Currently working on this.

I was working on this using the hoverball model as a base, because its pretty round, but I ran into some problems with Spectate and UnSpectate, and I dont think that this will work correctly until the bugs with them are fixed.

I fixed those bugs:

Not exactly Metroid, but its gmod themed =D