Morph Ball

My first release in a while, made this in a few days from a request

Based on Metroid’s Samus Aran’s Morph Ball powerup, this is my GMod themed version of it.

[li]Ball movement![/li][li]Bomb jump - energy bombs don’t damage morph balls, but launch them in the opposite direction[/li][li]Ball health - when you morph into a ball, your health amount is transfered to the ball. When the ball “dies” you pop out of ball form and have 1 remaining health[/li][li]Wall climbing - high friction ball surface allows for wall climbing (works much better in singleplayer)[/li][/ul]Controls:
-Holding Weapon-

  • Primary Attack: Morph into ball
    -Ball Form-
  • Primary Attack: Energy Bomb
  • Sprint: Faster movement (but limited horizontal movement)
  • Jump: Jump (hold while touching a wall to climb)

Known Issues:
[li]Particle effects sometimes don’t show in multiplayer[/li][li]Some sounds don’t always fire in multiplayer[/li][li]Various small bugs (console errors that don’t effect use, random errors, etc)[/li][/ul]Plans:
[li]Make NPC’s attack the ball and fear the bomb (function currently broken)[/li][li]Fix multiplayer issues[/li][li]Find something to do with secondary attack[/li][li]Get a custom model (with more sides)[/li][/ul]Kudo’s to LuckilyShot and Kogitsune for code improvement ideas

Please report any bugs you find. Comments, questions, concerns appreciated.

Can someone please take some pictures or take a video and post it? My internet is to slow for uploads of that size.
Download Link:

A video+an actual screenshot would be nice.

Like I said in the OP, my internet connection is too slow for a video, and I had to leave for work right after I posted this so I couldn’t add a normal SS. Kogitsune will post a video tomorrow.

Secondary could possibly be a button to morph back to normal?

That’s what reload does.

Boost Ball function? Aside from being able to do the silly half pipe thing from Prime, it would be nice to be able to ram zombies and the like to death, or quickly evade stuff… But you already have a ‘sprint’ feature in there, so I don’t know.

Power Bombs might be fun, as well as being able to mark some props destroyable only via bombs for building silly metroid puzzles.

Maybe I could make secondary boost you REALLY fast but ONLY forward, and lock your view so you cant turn, make it a deadly boost so you can ram into shit.

Smaller and zippier than I expected, but this is almost exactly what I was asking for. Really like how you can stick to the ceiling and roll along a bit with the wall climbing feature. Thanks for making it! :smiley:

If you’re looking for alternate models, there’s always the Brawl Ragdoll thread… I think they’ve released a few Morph Ball models.

Also, in the PHX pack, there’s a ball model in the Rails selection which has the smoothest rolling I’m aware of… maybe you can get permission to use it?

Thanks again, this is really awesome.

I would greatly appreciate this if you were to upload it on toybox.

I’m planning on putting it up on the Toybox once I’m done with it.
The version I have right now has a LOT more features and I’ve fixed a LOT of bugs and done some optimization.
I’ll release an update once I figure out something to do with secondary fire (right now it’s like a bowlingball kind of effect (fast, straight line, plow through enemies to kill them kinda thing))
I can’t think of anything better to do with it. Any ideas?

Have the secondary be “charge for Power Bombs”? Hold down the secondary attack button, and once you’ve charged enough, release an energy explosion (either the generic energy ball boom or the combine suppressor effect) that vaporizes any NPC (and possibly small props) in the vicinity. Probably would need a cool-down period, too.

Yeah I was thinking some sort of mega bomb for secondary, but I don’t want people to just spam that and not use the regular. Maybe have the secondary be a suicide bomber kind of attack or something. Big boom, but it takes you out with it. Maybe have to charge up for a bit while being forced to stop. Could also double the damage taken while you’re charging (and have a decent charge time) so people could counter it.


The update won’t be available for a few days probably. A function I have to use is broken, so I gotta wait for garry to fix it (because I don’t want to rewrite the system I’m using or cross methods)

Have you considered using a custom model instead of a default one? It would look much better, then you can use the model you use now, give it a bright glow, and use those as bombs.

I’ve thought about it, but custom material can get messy and annoying sometimes. If someone joins your server and it doesn’t download correctly or something (I dont know if this was fixed or not, but I know it used to happen) then they wont see it


^ That and I cant find a good morph ball model

This is very awesome SWEP. As it makes player a prop, it has plenty of uses ( accessing some small spaces easily ). I haven’t run into any bugs so far!

I love it!

Guess I’d better get to work on my Metroid stuff, otherwise I’m gonna get overtaken :P.

Gonna go test this puppy out then edit with a review.

After much self debate - I’m going to use a custom model. It looks MUCH better and is bigger than that dinky ass hoverball (and the view model looks kick ass). Few more modifications left to make for new version release. Expect it within the week.



Beautiful model, and the addon itself is nice and small, yet surprisingly fun.

I want to do something like this myself, is there a place I could get a complete list of particle systems (besides Model Viewer, tends to not work too well for me, then again, the last time I tried it was around two years ago.)

In the Toybox there’s a weapon called Particle Effect Tester - That’s how I got all the effects for this (there are a ton of them)

I’ve noticed a small but entertaining bug, if you kill yourself while in ball form, the ball remains, and moves synchronously with your movements.