Hello, I’d like to request a ragdoll/player model/npc of Morrigan from Dark Stalker and Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins.

Pics just in case.

Morrigan (Dark Stalkers)

Morrigan (DA:O)

That second Morrigan doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned. There is only one true Morrigan of games.

what the hell. xo you want another model ripped so you can nude n sexpose it? sex with 3d characters has never been so infectious.

dont do it! she’ll be nude within the week!

That may be, but I still wish to have both models in my gmod and would greatly appreciate it if anyone has the time to create these models.

look hard enough and you’ll find her nude now

I only want both models in their regular attire. Not asking for nudes lol.

Bumping to add on to this request. Could I also get models of Alistair and some Dark Spawn from Dragon Age Origins? Many thanks to the fellow who can do this for me.

You might as well ban every female model.

Honestly, when has there ever been a ripped/ported woman that hasn’t been given a nude skin.

Since nude skins are inevitable, I’ve kind of started a personal timer (more like a game since I have no life) as to when a nude skin gets released… so far the chick from Mirror’s Edge seems to have the quickest nude time… to me anyway.