Morrowind Ports

I was looking for some oblivion models to port… When I realized someone did most of them… Then realized noone did any morrrowind models for Half-life 2, Before trying to reason why they wouldn’t I went ahead and ported em.

Models and Textures were made by : Bethesda Softworks
Ported By: JJSteel/Hellsing

Throwing Stars - (Morrowind Model Test Ports)
A Simple pack of 5 Throwing Stars.


Morrowind Shields
25 Shields for Gmod ported by me from the game Morrowind.


Morrowind Spears
Some Spears from Morrowind


Morrowind Helmets
26 Helmets from Morrowind


Morrowind Various Stuff(Includes my first ragdoll rig, and also some crossbows and cart and dummy)


That is all for now. See more Later! Note, There will not be an SVN (Unfortunately) But I will continue releasing them on and updating this thread with more stuff!!!

Here is a fix for my Morrowind Various Stuff Pack:

Check out my new swep(s) here! :

Wrong section but a good release.

Do I put it in Released section even If I am not completely finished?

Well these parts you can the finished ones but then update it when you are completly finished.

Actually, I have decided I want to move the thread to releases. And kind of agree I should have started there, I got someone else to move it for me last time to submissions. Helps?

ask asartha ar pling or any other admin in this area.

Cool! I like the throwing stars. I think these props will come in handy.

Oblivion!!! :frowning:

Thanks for the Morrowind ports :smiley:
Be very useful in comics, posing etc.

Wow, morrowind stuff, that’s quite rare and did I mention obscure, kind of.

Awesome, you should port the other armour sections too (ie pauldrons, greaves, etc). Would be fun to use with PAC.

I just went to upload my next part including my first ragdoll and now I can’t load my anymore, I think it may just be me, If it is just me it may be up as I speak, but if now I may have to wait to give you the next section until tomorrow… >.<

Im also having problem with at the moment

Updated my thread, Got various models in it now. Bad naming but it includes my first ragdoll, the head is kinda hard to move though, But it is good I believe. Enjoy.

Mainly it is a preview of upcoming things, I also included a few pieces of armor.

Cool, what about those 2 legged dinosaur things(the pack animals I think)?

I can take a guess at what you are talking about…
The Alit?
Those seem likely ones. I will probably do all animals in 1-2 packs. Post which ones you want done first if you want. I may start working on them today in fact.

I just want the punching doll.
It looks epic enough to be used frequently without loosing… well usefulness.

The Guar was the one I meant. Goofy grins.

Is there any way to add custom spawn icons for my spawn menu? I have all the original texture icons for morrowind and think it would be sweet to add those into the menu instead of some generic pre-generated junk.

I would also like to know how you make a model hollow, so I can start porting architecture and parts for making buildings. I want to make it like the picture below but not using excess amounts of noclip.

I know this is a release thread and there but I just need to know a few things is all.

Actually you could have ported these from Morroblivion if you wanted.
All the models/textures were re-done to look better for the mod. They actually have the whole game of morrowind and the 2 expansions working like a charm in oblivion.

Very nice job on the ports though.