Mortal Kombat (2011) Classic Ninja Pack

I thought I would add as a separate release so it can get out there more.

This is a pack of 7 different ninjas. These are hexed and reskinned versions of the original gray costume.

Noob Saibot
and Rain.

Have fun!

Link Here

Very cool looking!

Thank you. I owe Lillwasa and Roland a huge thank you for helping me improve them.

Nice, but a little tip, Rain dosen’t Have Purple eyes

What color are his eyes?

Rain, Sub-Zero, and Smoke have normal eyes.

Remember, sub-zero and smoke are human (well, half human) and rain is edenian, so they got them normal eyes.

Oh ok. Any specific iris color for each?

Well, sub-zero has a light blue, i think smoke has grey or brown and rain has brown.

my ONLY problem: the download says 92 megs :frowning: BUT I CAN DIG IT!!


Interesting models.

for some reason these guys are shaded white can someone help me?

You’ve been having a lot of problems with gmod havent you? I think your computer is dying.

FUCK ME! all of these good models are being released and now my computer is about to die!

i <3 LongBeach Computer


I think raiden FINISHED your PC, mate.

Half the fucking game right there. Just reskins.

too much furry porn dude? xD

lol yes!
no lol idk how i fucked it up lol