Mortal Kombat: Armageddon ragdolls

Hey everyone, so my question is is it possible to port the models from MK:A to Garry’s mod ? (As ragdolls)
I think I read somewhere that this is impossible, is that true ?

Actually Mk9 ragdoll are better and are near to be released

Can’t argue with that, they are of higher quality but MK:A features much more kombatants… so is it possible to port them to Gmod ?:S


Sorry to bump again, but I think my question is pretty simple :S (or is it ?)

Bump: I read on a forum that the models can easily be extracted with 3d ripper dx, is that true ? If yes, is it possible to port them to Gmod.

Just another bump, I’m starting to lose all hope.


There was already a thread about this, didnt get too far unfortunently.

Really ? Why not ? I thought MK fans would love to see all Kombatants in Gmod.

Hsu Hao and Mokap, greatest MK characters ever and 2 legged Motaro, na just kidding these are gay ass characters. Sorry I just couldn´t resist when I heard “MK fans would love to see all Kombatants in gmod”.

That’s just your opinion, I’m pretty sure that having every MK character available would be loved by MK fans.

PS: Mokap was OK, and nevertheless there are many other cool characters besides those 3 you just stated.

I know what you mean and I gotta admit I would like to see Smoke, Noob, Havik, Shang Tsung ETC from armageddon.

See ? So my “MK fans would love to see all Kombatants in gmod” quote wasn’t so bad after all was it ? :wink:

PS: Man, both MK:A Smokes (Original and Cyber) were indeed awesome.

Too bad… I thought it would be easy to export the models, but what do I know I am a total noob when it comes to extracting models :d