Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Hello guys. Can somebody who knows how to rip models from emulator rip me Scorion model from mk armageddon? I tried to do this myself, but there is no result…

Why would you rip Scorpion from that game, there is probably somebody out there with a Scorpion model from the MK9

they do have Scorpion and most everyone from MK9

In my opinion, armageddon model looks much better. I don’t know why
Also, there are much more chars, that were not presented in mortal kombat 9.

The model quality is ass in comparison.

only reason i rip from older mk games is if they don’t appear in anything more recent, i have Onaga, Shinnok (who i would like to have from 9 if possible in 1 of the cutscenes, because they didn’t seem to be pre rendered on that game), Taven, Blaze and a few from Armageddon ripped, but no need for me to have Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Baraka etc (anyone from 9 lol), i can get whoever you need from that game though

I’ll be very gratefull if you’ll rip both variations of scorpion, sub zero, kenshi and drahmin. Badly need this guys cos they are my favourite characters.
Thanks in advance!

Any chance that you might happen have the models for Daegon and his swords? I’ve tried to rip those models on multiple occasions in the past, but I could never seem to do so successfully.

no, but i can, i thought of ripping everyone from MK Armageddon (including enemies and bosses) and releasing a pack for gmod but i don’t feel like ripping, posing, texturing everyone myself lol

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and not to mention rigging and then ragdolling each of them for gmod, but i ripped Scorpion, it didn’t get all of his textures the 1st time, i’ll have to go back and get them later (you can see his legs are just black) i can t-pose him if needed aswell

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I Would also like to see someone get Motaro and Tremor from MK9, i can’t believe they haven’t yet

There is Motaro in mk9? Also I could help you rigging this guys, if you’re going to make pack of this characters.
Also, it will be very fine, if you t-pose Scorpion :slight_smile:
Also, what program you use to rip models from mk armageddon?

Also, i’ve seen some characters from mka rigged for xnalara, they were presented in mk9. There are kenshi, frost, daegon, tanya.

i do it on the Wii version with Dolphin Emulator and 3D Ripper DX

Hmm, it seems that ripping from pcsx2 emulator were bad idea. Also, if you’re gonna t pose models, i recommend rip them while finishing fatalities, because character will stay in symmetric pose.

i can rip from ps2 games, just never figured out how to successfully get the textures to show correctly

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there are some games exclusively on ps2 i really would like models from. but can’t fix their uv maps, i have models ripped from Urban Reign and War Of The Monsters, and would also like Final Fight Streetwise, The Getaway, God Hand, or Kinetica, but figured it’s no use to get anymore until i can fix the ones i have first.

When i used ninja ripper to rip scorpion, it rips textures successfully. But not models in my case :\

I Know, but those textures won’t go on the model correctly

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you have to remap them with ps2 models, and i could never figure out how to do that

I would love to see more MK ragdolls, the community is missing many characters, like Ermac, Quanchi, Kabal and so on.

Just if you need, here is a link for all MK9 XNALARA ragdolls and some stuff.

has anyone tried extracting Motaro, Shinnok or Tremor from MK9?

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I can ragdoll, i just can’t get some models i would like to have, i can get models from Gamecube, Wii, DS, PSP, Nintendo 64, PC (some steam games aswell, but not all), and very few Xbox 360 and PS3 formats i’m getting familiar with, and i can get models as i said from PS2 just can’t apply their textures right. never could figure out Dreamcast, PSX, Xbox, or 3DS

Just wondering, how do you rip models from ps3/xbox360?

i only know how to from a very limited amount, and it’s all depending on the games file types

Oh, ok.