Mortal Kombat armageddon

The first time I knew that garry’s mod can have different models from other games, I thought I will see some Mortal Kombat people, Now it’s the time to have them right now, and I mean everybody…

You’re screwed if you think someones going to port all the models from MK:A. It would be a friggin huge project, so unless you want to do it, I think you are S.O.L.

Now im new on this forums, I brought a new thread, and you telling me that I bring this thread for nothing…its not me having this thread on the wrong section, I see other people requesting models,


why can’t I???

Let me put it like this. Try to narrow down which models you really want, a few at a time, and people will be more likely to accept your request.

scorpion, smoke, and jade (mask) …but whats wrong doing everybody? I mean someone is doing all the super smash bros brawl models, why MKA can be like that?

you are doing as if it were an order. ask POLITELY next time.

Besides, this is the REQUEST forum. Do not expect some merry asshole to come and have your models ready by the hour. and do not expect someone to make a full-time project for you.


you saying that Im 10 but no, freakin 16 and plus I bot rushing people for the models, I just want the characters anytime soon. READ MY COMMENTS CORRECTLY DAMMIT!!!

Well, let’s see… I’m sure that MKA has way more models than SSBB as far as playable characters go. Just have some patience, the Brawl ragdolls probably took forever to make… It’s good that you managed to narrow it down so that anyone interested in making these knows where to start.

its up to yall, i just requested this.

I never said you were 10, however it seems you ARE 10.
And dont post “…” its fucking annoying.


that looks like an order to me

First of all, who the heck are you posting some bull crap on me anyway… I want you out of this thread now and the “…” I did, that means that I don’t give a god damn thing you said to me so STFU!!!

Why bother posting “…” if your not going to say anything useful?

Just drop it…

i’m not posting “bullcrap”. and Im not going to fight with you because since you arent polite, I BET no-one will do this request for you.

oh just because I’m a HOT HEADED thats why huh or just want to piss people off by posting bull crap comment to them so nobody won’t be request the models they wanted, THATS WHO YOU ARE!!!

you know what fine get rid of this thread, I give a crap anymore. I hope you get a fucked up new years bitch, and DON’T YOU EVEN DARE TO REPLY TO THIS COMMENT BECAUSE I"M OUT OF HERE FOR GOOD!!!

OK get out.

sigh If he didn’t make such a scene, he could have gotten his request fulfilled… I just don’t see why this had to escalate into drama. facepalm

This was quite an epic thread.

Lawl, I think he really was 10.

Better gtfo, and don’t come back kid. Your just another bitch who can’t apologize and talk right.

You told him good Uncle_Earl. Real good.