Mortal Kombat Models, cool idea.

If anyone could make a Mortal Kombat Models, doesn’t really matters which ones, it would just be pretty cool if someone made them, 'cuz I’m making a couple comics. I already have Scorp, Zero, Ermac (Ninja look), Reptile.

Here’s the picture.

Yeah! That would be cool

Hah, ain’t happenin’.

why not?

I have armageddon. If knew how to rip models without killin my game. I would rip them all and ragdoll all 60 and put them up.

There are Mortal Kombat skins for the Terrorist Phoenix model, I think they’re all the “ninja” ones (Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, and that red dude).

Tough luck getting anything else.

there’s sub-zero, scorpion, reptile, emrac, rain, human smoke, and noob sibot. that is all the ninja

yeah, that was one of the thigs i was searching for download but could’t find. Strange thing that Mortal Kombat is such a popular game and no one made the models yet. By the way, there are 62 characters including Taven and Daegon, who are not on that picture, and you can also create 2 more characters

I agree! this IS a cool idea! I wouldn’t mind having a Sheeva ragdoll for GMod 10, that would be a lot of fun to pose those two extra arms, hahah.

Say, I have a copy of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the X Box, I can volunteer to prodive any models if anyone can help me out telling me how to ripp models from X Box games.

Is there somebody working on it or what ?

Oh fuck! I meant that I have Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the PLAYSTATION 2! NOT for the X Box, sheesh… did I have my head in my pants or something?..

i think everyone wants sheeva. the models i want are. reptile,mileena,baraka,sheeva, and scorpion

no you can have more then 2 created characters with 2 memory cards for the PS2 you can have up to 16, 8 per card. just make a new profile and there’s your new character. just exspected to do alot of konquest mode XP

Woah… and I thought that most people thought that Sheeva was a hideous character, so then, gasp! yaaay! I am not alone! :4chan:

Mileena sounds like a great idea, though!

If I had a nickle for every time I ripped someones heart or spine out in that game I would have… Five bucks.

I hope to Garry that someone does this.

well Fargo do you think it’s posible to make the mortal kombat fans dreams come true?

I sure hope so, still dunno how to ripp models from a PS2 game, lol.

TO THE INTERNETbatman music plays

Elumator? Perhaps if there is one. I don’t really know haven’t searched.

an Emulator? there are Ps2 ones. It might work but I don’t think there is any mortal kombat for it.

Holy crap! This was my first request like… .2 weeks ago. someone bumped it, maybe someone will finally do it!