Mortal Kombat Models

Hello. Anyone could make all Mortal Kombat 4 or Mortal Kombat Gold models for Garry’s Mod ? I’m talking about player models and all weapons

I kind of doubt that people will rig all the mk4 models because they don’t want to port the MKA models few months back. right now people are interested of rigging the MK vs DC models.

I could just see the topic from MKA and it is a pity that it won’t be possible to convert models, but perhaps from MK 4 he can be more easily with moving models, because game was released on the PC, that is perhaps gave models in order somehow to convert normally

btw. sorry for bad english



Of course someone will, it’s so easy. If you know what you’re doing, you basically only need to snap your fingers, and they all just instantly show up in gmod.

Not forgiven.

This is the first time that people are agreeing to port Mortal Kombat models, instead just MK VS DCU, no offense…

Was this directed to me?

Of course not, you never said that you were going to. He was obviously referring to the invisible man who never posted here.


theres a ton of other threads and they have people saying they will try and do it just search mortal kombat and there you go