Mortal Kombat Versus DC Ragdolls

First of all, I’d like to thank anyone who has taken a bit of their time to read this thread. As the title may suggest, I am wondering if anyone is able to port the Mortal Kombat models because I have seen the DC models available on Please forgive me If I did anything that is not allowed or disliked here because I am still new here… If I made any mistakes, please notify me and it will not happen again in the future. Thank you.
I read the rules and they told me to post images but I don’t know how so I gave links to the pictures: -This is the picture of the Mortal Kombat Ninja Scorpion - The MK Assasin Sub-Zero

As for the DC models I mentioned earlier, here they are. A user named S-Low provided them. These aren’t all all of them, I just took some samples.

There is one Mortal Kombat character ported which is Dark Khan (its on the same profile as some of the DC ones), but your right in that i’ve not seen any other of the Mortal Kombat Characters done, though to get the models you’d have to rip the MKvsDCU iso (which is the bit I cdon’t know how to do) and then get at the files in it, then use Umodel to rip the models and textures from the files.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how S-Low got the files of MK vs DC in the first place. They never released a MK vs DC on the PC. Is it possible to rip models via from the Xbox 360/PS3 CD?

Yes, I just said how, i’m just not sure how you rip the .ISO

Oh, Sorry. I’m not much of an expert on these kind of things. Maybe this can help you:

It tells you how to rip and mount multiple ISO images easily. It provides tools that you may have to download (for free) in order to rip the .ISO. Hopefully this may be helpful. If any further help is needed, please just ask. I will try to help you to the best of my knowledge. (That might mean that I’m useless :P)

Not sure if thats exactly what is needed for this but it might be worth a shot I suppose.

Hope it’s worth something. Thanks again for giving an effort buddy.

Here is S-low’s site

All DC guys (Cept Wonder Woman) and Dark Kahn

Scorpian and Sub are private

these MK models would really be kick ass! porting them sounds hard enough…but simple eye / face posing on them would be totally immense :slight_smile:

Thanks for the site. I wonder why he didn’t release Wonder Woman, The fact that I only need 1 more character to complete the DC team is annoying. But on the bright side, S-Low is still nice enough to release some of his models…