Mortal Kombat X 3d models


To be continued =)

updated > link

Will you be doing all the characters eventually? I know I for one would like to get my hands on the Revenant Raiden and Reptile.

I will publish all the characters

Will you also be getting the background monsters and stuff after all of the characters?

I thought it did not matter.
No =(

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updated > link

Awww alright. Thanks anyways, these are really cool.

Little off topic vadosrespekt, but would you also happen to have Injustice models as well there’s one I’m looking for that I can’t find anywhere. Trying to download the huge PC game for a week because of slow internet just to get the model I’m after is a bit nuts.

Will they come with the gib bodygroups?

Wait, are these the phone version or are these the console and PC versions? I actually having a hard time figuring it out.

Console and PC version. The quality of the mobile version’s models are noticeably lower in terms of detail and polycount.

Now that I look at it again, it seems rather dumb of me to assume that it was the mobile version. Anyhow, thanks for clarifying.

updated > link

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Don’t understand the question

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updated > link

Will you be grabbing the weapons for each character that has one as well (examples: Cassie’s pistols, Erron Black’s Tarkatan bone blade, Kotal Kahn’s sword, etc.)?

Now, just to make sure, that counts non playable characters too?

I would assume so, considering that Baraka is available as well.

updated > link

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Only the main characters

updated > link

Great work man!
Can rip the leatherface model from mortal kombat XL, it would be really great