MORTAL KOMBAT X - Scorpion and Sub Zero

Two rivals in the Mortal Kombat universe, Scorpion and Sub Zero, have arrived!

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-Ninjutsu Swords L/R (BODYGROUP)

-KUNAI (Bodygroup)

Sub Zero
-Normal Mask (BODYGROUP)
-Unbreakable Mask Variant (BODYGROUP)
-Maskless Variant (BODYGROUP)
-Grandmaster Medallion Variant (BODYGROUP)
-Cryomancer Arms (SKINGROUP)

Ice Saber
-Broad Ice Saber (BODYGROUP)
-Thin Ice Saber (BODYGROUP)

-Eyetracking is not present. This is an issue we have not been able to fix yet. It works in Garry’s Mod, but not in SFM.

Sticklove over at XNALara for putting it into XNALara.
Sundownsyndrome for porting the model, materials, and bodygroups.
Ninja_Nub for faceposing and eyetracking.

I do not own these models. Scorpion and Sub Zero are property of NeatherRealm Studios, High Voltage Software, and Warner Bros. Interactive. All rights are reserved to those companies.

Do not redistribute these models without my permission. Reuploading somewhere else without my consent will result in a DMCA threat. Failure to heed the warnings will result in a DMCA takedown.

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Too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

Thanks for another great port.
Edit: Here’s a thing I did with Scorpion.
Edit (again): Here’s another thing I did with Sub Zero.

Awwwwww brilliant!

Woah! Nice work!

“I will file a DMCA over things I’ve already admitted I do not own or hold any form of copyright to. This both makes sense and will not get me charged for perjury for false DMCA claims because __________________.” (please fill in the blank)

Is it bad that I was prepared for you to show up?

It’s quite simple really. You don’t file the dmca over the ripped content as you hold no rights to it. What you do hold the rights to, however, is any and all materials you created for it.
That is your content after all.

Here’s something for an example.
Let’s take this chainsword. Ripped from Spacemarine and fixed up for use in source. Altered base geometry and butchered mask but it still remains content from relic.
The teeth on the blade were not though. They were authored by me and me alone.

So if someone were to upload this elsewhere and they were a real dick about it let’s say I still can’t file a dmca over relics content.
I can with mine.

What would happen is that they would have to remove anything that I specifically authored for it before distributing again or scraping the whole thing altogether if they can’t be bothered.
Seeing as that would leave it without it’s materials, shading mask, a quarter of the model, all the bones, and a good chunk of all textures used it would become an unfinished mess.

So what he is saying Kins is that go nuts with the ripped content. Just don’t redistribute his content without asking.

So why didn’t he just say that instead of leaping straight to hollow, unenforcable pseudolegal threats? You make more friends with carrots than sticks.

would you just stop making dumb points like this? BlueFlytrap just explained to you that this in fully within legal rights and if anything Ageha is being too fucking soft with only disallowing reuploads under dmcas. it’d also be fully right to sue for any sort of unauthorized usage, display, or alteration, public or otherwise, and more modders NEED to be doing that.

First off it is enforceable. Where did you get the assumption that it wasn’t?
Second it’s to deter idiots who haven’t taken the time to learn the ins and outs of copyright law and probably shouldn’t have be distributing other people’s content in the first place. As an added bonus it does hold legal ground.

Like shit do you think that people don’t hold the rights to their own fanart or something?

Mom, dad, please stop fighting. :v:

On topic though, nice release. Any chance that Ermac might be in the works or in planning?

Could you politely point out some legal precedent that specifies that format-shifting someone else’s copyrighted work gives you a say on its distribution that overrides the original creator’s wishes? (I mean, other than United States v. That Guy Who Didn’t Credit xXSquallStrife98Xx For His Final Fantasy Sprite Rips (9th Cir.). We all know how that one turned out.) Have you or Ageha consulted an attorney on this matter in such a way as to check yourselves before potentially wrecking yourselves?

There might be a subtle difference between drawing something using someone else’s characters and literally ripping the geometry data out of a binary file and calling it your own. Maybe.

I’d absolutely love to work on Ermac, but unfortunately I don’t have his model on hand.
I do, however, have Jax on hand. I could ask my main man to get Ermac also.

Has your “main man” gotten a hold of Revenant Sub Zero?

The current ripping process is super tedious. Roland is trying to look into it, but the guy who rips the models and gets them into a format we can use has a script that’s apparently difficult to use since it’s C++ and has several hexes that has to be looked into. This is generally what they look like:
Mesh Data: 0x38A
Index Buffer: 0x39D
Joint Map Data: 0x5289
Position Data: 0x537F
Normal Data: 0x367DE
Blendweight Data: 0x4658C
UV Data: 0x63CA5

Now have those values change with every single MKX model. I’ll try pressing to get him to give me the script since the main reason he doesn’t want to give it is because it’s just difficult to use. Plus, it takes him a whole day roughly to get the models into a format we have to use.
Right now, the current method works, but it’s tedious. Howfie has a C++ script, but not much came to fruition out of that. The values could be used in tangent with his script, but like I said, it’ll probably be much more harder to do because I’m not sure what goes where in Howfie’s script.

Well it would be really easy for me to consult an attorney seeing as I work paralegal but that’s beside the point.
The point was that you can protect content you own, well unless they alter it to the point where creative commons comes in to protect them of course.

At that point none of us would really give a shit now would we (except maybe those people who think only one person is allowed to port one model.)

Now before we continue you have contradicted yourself. To make this go smoother may I ask what exactly you are arguing against?

Ageha doesn’t own Scorpion and I’m pretty sure format-shifting and adding face flexes doesn’t change that. Otherwise Sonic the Hedgehog would practically be public domain by now, what with all the Original Character sprite edits. :v:

Hilarious copyright disclaimers glued onto copyright infringement. It’s like a slightly wordier “GIVE CREDIT OR ELSE THE BOMBMAN WILL COME” on some 12-year-old’s sprite rip sheet.

Somebody doesn’t know how to read.

It’s as simple as that, Kins. You’re just trying to fling shit around with your baseless conjectures. Besides, all of this stuff you’re saying – your alleged proof. You say it like it means something. All I’m seeing is somebody trying to argue with little base to go off of.

It seems the polite approach hasn’t been working.
Well I tried.

Of course he doesn’t fucking own scorpion. You even pointed out that he had a disclaimer saying the exact opposite beforehand.
So why the hell are you so mad about something he never said?

Furthermore it seems you haven’t been able to read my first reply which says yes in fact you can lay claim to your own content. Imagine that!
It also had this nice little bit that says only your content. You seem to be real pissed at the prospect of trying to do the stuff you don’t own.

He can’t stop them from using the other stuff. They’re still allowed to distribute the other stuff.
Although good fucking luck depending on how much was altered.

So what the hell is the problem Kins? Does the idea that an artist can protect their content, however small that may be, rub you the wrong way?
Boo fucking hoo.

Okay, so you’ll Internet Sue anyone who reuploads it over the .1% you actually made during the format-shift. Fine.

So what happens if someone uploads it to a host outside of the United States? Especially countries where web hosts are typically less than cooperative with copyright removal requests like Russia or China? Last I recall, there was at least one Russian site out there re-uploading and Workshop stuff for GMod pirates who obviously can’t use those services. Where do you go from there?