hey here is some models from mortalkombat i also have some effects for the characters collisions might be a doozy but hopefully it ok
some models have skin groups and many of them have bodygroups
i have done some gibs for each character i wish there was a bodygroup tool that has all the groups out to select with names instead of numbers i would post a refrence of the bodygroups but its too long to post there is a total of 24 gib per character

and im also including the fatality box but it will get laggy if u spawn too many

oo and credits to nexus for the eyes lol

“((MASTER LINK))” -should work for everyone lol

MIRROR sublinks 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4

base gore for those who wish to make gibs for ports or even models they have created themselves areas are seperated by material id’s

report for bugs that i missed :o

Fantastic man!


You’ve done only by yourself?

nice, we could use more mk stuff.

Theres like, 4 people workin on most of the models now, last i checked a lot of em were finished, they’re gonna release em in big packs.

We’ve been waiting for those for a really long time now. This is but a taste of things to come.

by the way update your mk thread
i deleted my gmod folder by accident and i am getting a lot of crap back incluiding some mortal kombat models and props

I couldn’t not read that in the voice of Shang Tsung’s actor in the first '90s Mortal Kombat film.

These look great, Roland. :smiley: Looking forward to playing with them later tonight.

Are these the only characters in there or are there others?

And I was just thinking the other day, “What ever happened to that guy who ported a shitload of models from various fighting games?”

The ones in Roland’s imageshack link are the characters in the pack, yes.

And what a pack it is - superb work as always, Roland!

minipack is an understatement
There is so much high quality content here.

Really good job on this Roland, your material settings are really the best ones i’ve seen.

Still no Milee- ok, i won’t say it.

But what i do say, is good job, keep 'em coming, and thank you. :v:

Edit: I correct that. There is. Check picture below… :v:

Awesome work Roland! This has my download for sure!

Loving these fighters

Holy Shit, amazing!

Holy shit. Amazingly well done models, face and fingerposing, flexible too!
This is like a dream.

Something shitty, but it shows how i (and most of us) feel.:

This pleases my tummy.

Thanks ,Thanks, Thanks

Got quite a few MK requests on DA. This certainly helps my options. Thanks a lot roland:smile: