Mortar Addon

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Mortar Addon

[tab]Description:[/tab] An addon that allows you to set positions for mortars.

This is an addon that allows you to throw a marker grenade, which will then rain down mortars. Simple as that.



Very nice. Going to try this out tomorrow.

Yes. YES!!!

It worked once for me but then it kept telling me that my request was denied after I changed to another map.
Also, when it did work, it spawned a purple-checkered grenade that floated in one spot, was it supposed to be like that? I don’t have CSS so I thought maybe it was dependent on that.

It was probably denied because there wasn’t enough space. You need about 512 units of space in the sky to call in a mortar.

And yes, you do need CSS.

Great swep. I spam these at my friend and its funny to see him fly away.