Morters! Your a genius Garry

I recently read devblog 98 and what caught my eye is the Morters concept art, make the 3rd one concept art the actual one. Here’s some suggestions.

Improvised Morters- placable object,fires 100 times before breaking.Bp Found in blueprint books (mid game weapon)
Crafting materials- 20 high quality metal, 200 wood, 100 stone and 50 cloth


Morter shell- found in Bp books, when shell hits ground small explosion causing 250 damage to buildings

In blast radius- insta kill
Near blast radius- 65 damage with high bleeding
Far from blast radius- 10 damage with low bleeding
Crafting materials- 25 high quality metal, 250 gun powder, 25 explosives.

Cluster shell- found in Bp library’s , in mid air splits into four shell and all hit ground in a bigger blast radius. 200 damage to buildings with each blast.
In blast radius- insta kill
Near blast radius-60 damage with medium bleeding
Far blast radius-10 damage, low bleeding
Crafting resources- 45 high quality metal, 300 gun powder, 30explosives.

Any more suggestions for this awesome idea

No displayed firing arc, that shit don’t make sense.

totally agree, no aiming arch, really dumbas, 10 times to break? i think need more shoots, to get the right angle and distance… and morters are re-pickable item… because led your morters in the raid siege never is good. ammo need more than one… like impact ammo, blaster ammo, granade ammo, fire ammo and things like that. devs know what can do, and let they build something first xD


I feel like their should be a permanent version for base defense rather than offense. And there could be smoke or napalm mortars to deter attackers.

Your right, that would be cool

you do realize youre asking for a flying c4 right? youd have to make the required mats much higher

and display of arch could be done with tracers

Ok I’ll edit that

I think mortars along with rocket launchers will make raiding OP ,why don’t we just have tanks call it b
BF and be done with it

thats what they said before rockets where in, but now nearly everyone likes them