Moses And The Lord


A more likely version if the bible writers had some common sense:smug:
Updated to a more sensible format.

Oh God, what a funny guy.

Good stuff.

I liked it.


The Lord said unto Moses:

“The 10 plagues shall arise form thine Earth, and it shall consume the Egyptians in their wake. And then the anger of the pharaoh shall consume himself and he shall liberate my children onto the desert.”

Moses than responded: To how long my lord do we traverse through the desert of sand to the promised land.

And God responded: For the greatest trial of all, you shall journey for 40 years throughout the wilderness as a test of faith to myself.


Well… rated funny.

Well he didn’t make it to the promised land, so he probably said it. What can we deduce from that?

The lord is a vengeful bitch:unsmigghh:

OK despite the minimal editing and the fact it’s just the same picture over and over.

Also, god’s font is fabulous.

This is a text based comic. It requires you to think. not meant to amaze you graphically.
And yes I kind of liked the god font:catholic:

Oh, looks like I’m wrong. His arms change position in the final frame. I don’t know why I ever doubted you, Rastifan. :fuckyou:


Who cares, this was fucking funny. Well done Rastifan.

Rastifan is my bitch.

But yeah, Rastifan can do some pretty nifty writing in these here comics.

Thanks guys. You are to kind:smile:

Made me chuckle, have a funny.

Last frame made me lol fucking hard.

It pleases me that you are pleased:keke:

I see some bad spelling in the first frame but I love the idea, rated funny.