Mossman and Father Gregory outside the pub - gm_construct

My frist building stuff on a good fast computer I snuck onto last year.
I was just testing stuff out on the computer so I didn’t really pay attention to the .jpeg quality menu thing, making the pictures miss some quality.

Proofs? I know it’s easy to see that it’s construct but oh well.

Nice Scenebuild.
I didnt know that it was gm_consturct on the first look!

Nice job.

lol I didnt see it was construct first.

nuh uh.

you should of got a closer shot. but a good build.


Any more comments?

As many before me, I didn’t think it was construct at first.

I’ll have to say though, it looks more like inside the pub, or the outside some really murky shadowy bar in some outback shithole where people dump their stuff on the street.

the door at the top-right kills the ambience a bit though

EDIT: Oh fuck, hell no! now the damned script’s rating everyone FIVE FRIKKIN BOXES. Fuck this shit, I don’t care if they completely removed the rating system, this is just defeating the whole purpose of it. Fucking troll sonofabitch.

i duno man i just duno nig sorry

okey wuttever dood

This seriously did not get enough views…