I just want a reskin or preferably a model replacement for mossman…I really couldn’t care less of what it looks like just as long as it looks good and I don’t have to look at boring old mossman anymore.

Here ya go, try this one on for size.

someone posted…I went :neckbeard: …I saw content I went :buddy: … then I opened the files saw mossman\materials\models\infected\boomer and went :confused::gibs:


I’m not even too sure I want to see what this looks like…


Then again I did say I don’t care what it looks like…meh I’ll humor you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some more would be nice? :smiley: I know they are out there its just they are hard to find. All I ever find is Elaine skins…which is basically mossman.

What’s wrong with mine?


I’m just joshing you. I hacked together a fun one a few weeks ago, I might post it sometime this week.

Hey Fury, why not just release all of those SiN hacks?