Most annoying sound of the world!

This is really really overused…

i lol’d at the end

:pwn: x6

I still lol’d at it. I love Jim Carrey

Lame and poorly executed.

i’m not expert movie maker and i randomly choosed it

and i don’t have movie making partner

‘u dun have 2 b expert movie maekr, but u can try to think of sumthing original at least instead of randomly chooosing something. u dont need a movee making parnter either’

Lol. :v: :downs:

and for moving ragdolls? you don’t need a movie making partner?

Use the Faceposer that comes with the SDK so you can use real animations instead.

well there is other ways of doing that, for one you can do it your self off camera, or make a rigging using hydrolics, etc. to make movements smooth. (its alot harder to do) or you can use faceposer.

I can’t use SDK

Then learn it, stop being so lazy.

Don’t use SDK then, to move the ragdolls, go into options, disable physgun beams, and then move the ragdolls.


Unoriginal, but still funny