Most annoying time in Garry's Mod?

Like the topic says, tell us your worst experience with Garry’s Mod ever.

Mine was when I join a server and some really annoying music starts playing.

I hate it when I have something mounted that I don’t have downloaded. It appears gmod then downloads the individual prop. Now it wouldn’t be a problem, but a few years back I had like a 200 kb/s download speed split on three PC’s. So it’s one missclick and goodbye blue sky

Shit in the workshop like:

That pander to sexually frustrated manchildren and kids who are too afraid to look up porn because mommy and daddy might find out and take away their xbox. I really wouldn’t care so much if it wasn’t for the fact that all the author did was take a Google search, take some pictures off the internet, package them, and put them up on the Workshop without giving credit to the original photographers, companies, or models. Plus, the author sounds like a child and the comments begging for “lesbian” and “naked” versions, as well as about how big these kids’ boners are, make me sick; not because I don’t remember what it was like to think that bikini-clad girls were sexually taboo and should be put in my video game, but because they praise the author like he’s the messiah when addons that have real effort put into them, like PAC3, receive criticism and complaint, and not nearly as much admiration.

Stupid to complain considering Garry’s Mod’s community has been like this since the beginning, and because I remember being in that same boat when I was that age, but it still annoys me to no end that they “loophole” Steam’s ToS of no pornography by claiming that it’s ~artistic~ and that the ladies aren’t naked. Author is still a prick mooching off other’s work and not giving credit to the authors anyway.

When I have to validate it’s files every time I start the game. This happens with TF2 too but only once every time I start my computer. No other games do that which makes me mad.

Another: Getting banned by an admin for something you didn’t do instantly when you join servers.

Joining servers. For some reason, gmod likes to freeze when I join a server. I have had times where it has taken 45 minutes to eventually join, even though I have fast internet and a fast computer. It sucks too, because I often join a server to see if something I have coded works, crash, then have to repeat the cycle. I have had good days where I can just click join and I am in the server within 10 seconds, so I know my computer has the ability to do well, it just doesn’t work a lot of the time.

Attempting to fix broken textures and ERRORs.

Idiot admins who use terrible spectator addons that are so laggy that they make you look like you’re aimbotting.

I don’t mean this at a jab to anyone, but bugs. They’re a necessary evil of the scope of GMod and how it began on someone else’s engine, but, frankly, it’s always been the Achilles’ heel of the game. Worse is how I thought those harsher times were long gone - 12 felt very stable for me, for the most part - and yet I’ve begun to find new bugs recently. Mostly minor stuff, mind you, but it’s growing a bit inconvenient and I honestly thought we were free of more buggy times.

Any custom sound is awful, in my opinion, and I am forever thankful you can turn off the downloads for it.

Being accused of ~ admin abuse ~ 90% of the time when you’re just trying to be friendly and keep the game going smoothly.

tf2 doesn’t do that anymore because of the steampipe update

but if you still get the error with some other game, just let it validate (this shouldn’t happen again after this), and remember to always close steam manually before shutting down your computer

When I join a server and it has to download a whole lot of stuff.

8 year old over-exaggerating administrators. The funny thing about it though is you can bypass almost all of the rules.

The original thruster sounds.

I have nightmares where people try to talk to me but all I hear is thruster sounds.

Every time I shut down the game, Data Execution Prevention pops up in the system tray claiming that it closed it. It’s an annoying thing. I did a memtest that came up clean so I don’t know what could be making this happen.

My graphical settings don’t save, every time I start up the game I have to reconfigure them to my liking every single time.

Don’t know whether there is something wrong with the game or it’s just me.

clear your …\garrysmod\cfg\autoexec.cfg if you’re not using it, also check your launch parameters (remove -dxlevel XX)

Thanks for that.

Building in general.
I made an Sprops/ACF hovertank yesterday, but it had some problems (Gun wouldn’t fire upon pasting with dupe 1 or dupe 2 unless I completely replaced the gun) so I gave up on fixing it because I needed sleep. Today I try to fix it…
(I’ll just copypasta)

And that entire experience is what made me remember WHY I never build anything, and just play with PAC3 all day.

Edit: I’ve had this game for 3+ years, and I’ve learned plenty by making little things, and watching others build. So it’s not inexperience. I just have the most god awful luck building and the shortest temper possible.

When sliders and fixed hydraulics mess up, spazz out, come out and fuck your mother.