most anoying things with rust atm

i think rust is a great game and has the potential to be the greatest game ever. it can have so mutch depth. with that said there is a few things that annoys me atm

-when ur out rolling with your house friends and suddenly u see some other guys in black and with m4´s and ur start shooting and then u hear over raidcall friendly friendly. stop shooting. i want clan customized cloth .so each house can have their own design. that u can put on over ur kevlar.

-raiding some1´s house and changing their doors . is soo bad for just a few c4 and some metall doors u can take over really big metall houses. this forces the game in a bad direction. with multiple houses with every house clan so to speak.

-its too easy to loose ur friends when fighting in the mountains. i would want something like a small radar that shows ur friends only on it. dont need to be long range or whatever. and u could even make it a lootable blueprint. if u want.

-i want some system to enforce fighting more ,like know there is 2 things to fight about air drops and houses, but as houses seems to be mostly raided when the people is logged off. then it leaves air drops. and many times the containers despawn before the fighting stopps and/or if u have to build a stair to get the container ontop of a cliff.

  • i would like to see clan chat, some kind of trading system with other people and stuff lots and lots of stuff :slight_smile:

pls discuss this and other things like this in this thread and maybee we can give the devs a good idea to put in the game.

  1. I like custom colors, and i think they mentioned being able to do clan flags on houses etc so thats good.

  2. Don’t think they will take away player freedom soo this is probably not changing.

  3. no to radar, and I think custom dyes to clothing would help this.

  4. There is a lot of random fighting already, but I do think they plan to add more features

  5. a primitive trading system may be cool if its done right, but i don’t like the idea of clan chat. I’d rather people be forced to talk ingame or find another method.

As for customized clothing, perhaps adding dyes would be a realistic solution to this. Though I feel as if the different types of armor should be more distinguishable from eachother for this to be good. Assuming we want armortypes to be recognizable.

Regards to raiding, there is clearly a gap between the number of defensive and offensive abilities avaliable to us. Luckily developers are aware. I’m very curious to find out how this develops.

Having a radar would be an incredibly large jump in the current ‘food-chain’ if implemented as a blueprint item, which could be problematic. Hopefully dyes would lessen the need for something like this.

I’m sure there will be plenty of more objectives in the future. In addition, some servers with active admins often run events that are in this taste.

The house door thing I hear you. But the rest sound like “the kevlar m4 hunting squads need more help.” I just don’t think they should focus on that group as the game is now.

For example instead of wearing all Kevlar put on cloth boots or even better rad boots. You would be pretty obvious who was who. Give and take, you get less armor, but you wont die of friendly fire. Whats worth more to you :).

Currently my squad’s wearing radpants to avoid fuckups, it works but it really ain’t intuitive.