Most beautiful 3D skybox in the Source Engine?

Lately I’ve been looking for examples of good, large, detailed 3D skyboxes, because I need inspiration for them. I noticed that Valve’s own 3D skyboxes tend to be rather simplistic or even ugly (with the exceptions of the ruined City 17 in the first map of EP2, and the skybox of the finale of No Mercy in L4D, these look pretty nice. One particular butt-ugly Valve skybox is the C17 ‘‘skyline’’ seen from atop the Nexus in HL2 though), and many custom map skyboxes are even worse, but I know that somewhere under this pile of shit is a true diamond.

So now I ask you, what is the most beautiful 3D skybox you’ve ever seen on Source, whether it’s in an official game map or a custom map?
Include screenshots if you can.

My map will have a nice 3D skybox, assuming I can get it to work…

Pretty much anything with a view of the Citadel is always beautiful.

When I get around to it, my skybox will be quite the wonder.

I always liked the moving clouds in Dear Esther. It inspired me to use them in my own maps more often.

The mountains in de_inferno have always been a favorite of mine, but I have to agree about the Dear Esther skybox. Everything about it was beautiful, mang.

2Fort’s 3D skybox in TF2 looks really nice and fits the art style very well. Dead Center’s was also very detailed.

Dead Air’s skybox is definitely one of my favorites. The burning buildings, the orange haze over the city. It had such a depressing feeling to it. I love it.

pretty sure esther takes the cake on that one

Yup. Probably, but Nightmare House 2’s skybox, in my opinion, takes a close second. Shame I can’t find a screen for it. Just play the mod or watch a video or something, but it’s at the end of the game, so you might get spoiled if you skip to there.

This one is pretty good

I made this one. :smiley:
Although it’s all matte-painted and rendered into the 2d skybox, so it doesn’t make a very good example of a 3d skybox.

L4D(1)'s Mercy Hospital campaign had some of the most intricate 3d skybox work I’ve seen.

Why did they have to create such a huge 3D Skybox?

Unrelated, but the song in that video is an abomination and they should feel ashamed to have ruined a good song.

Wow, that’s very nice! :open_mouth: Can I download it somehow?

I’m sorry your headphones / speaker configuration can’t play good music, it must suck.

Seriously though, I like a ton of music, and that song is actually one of my favorites, along with artists like Pendulum, Eple, Ludwig, and all sorts of genres. So don’t diss music I like, and I won’t diss music you like.

Sorry but it really is shitty.

The same boring beat with terribly synthesised vocals does not a good song make.

You made it? Awesome job. Although, I didn’t mean the one you see on the room, but the one you see at the end of the game where you can take the alternate ending of leaving the hospital. You know, the wasteland you are met with as you go through the exit.

Sorry, going to have to agree with this.

Music should always be discussed in a preferential matter.

But this isn’t the Music subforum either.

If someone could extract the backdrops from Homeworld 2, add a couple behemoth planetoids in the 3D skybox… those would probably be the most beautiful maps for me.

The track in the video has some horribly mangled versions of real good songs. I feel sorry for those good songs…