Most beautiful maps created on Source SDK

What are some of the most beautiful maps created on Source SDK that you can think of? I’m pretty fond of the maps that have been created for “The Ship”, I think many of them are very well detailed.

Another favorite of mine, but never released were the maps that were being created for “The Crossing” by Arkane Studios.

Dear Esther:



Counter Strike Global Offensive (a lot of it is the improved lighting I feel though):


Man I was really looking forward to that game when it was announced.

de_forest: Although some of the custom foliage is pretty low quality, I have yet to see another map that pulls off the lush forest environment as well as this map.

Perfect for a slender map.

Blade Symphony without a doubt, some of the best work I’ve ever seen in Source.

And who could forget?

Every version of rp_hometown not because of any detailed brushes but the nostalgic feel I receive from it.

Did anyone ever port that map to TTT or L4D2? I swear I played a version of that in both at some point.

Jurassic Life:

Those outside environments are amazing :open_mouth:

Holy custom models batman! Nice map.

dys_cybernetics meatspace:

dys_undermines cyberspace:

steam screenshot quality sucks but ya, everything looks better in motion, play dystopia

rp_catisland D:

Didn’t the mapper give up on that?



We got overwhelmed and soon AntimonyCat got banned and we brought it into his thread and he “left”.

He still lurks around the forum though.

Everything from Blade Symphony:

Pretty much every map from Neotokyo:

I agree, NeoTokyo has really nice maps. Shame the game is deserted though, so the only purpose for the maps I can see is to put them into Gmod

A lot of the maps feel cramped too. They look good but don’t necessarily play all that well.