Most disgusting thing you've seen made on Garry's Mod

Title says it all, what is the most disgusting thing you have seen made on garry’s mod.
Can be anything.

Anyway for me, somebody took the horse statue prop, and added a target finder (server had wire) and a emitter thats effect was something white, and whenever you would walk past it, it look liked it jizzed all over you.

The same guy also made a horse statue that raped those baby props, don’t ask.

Some dude made a contraption which penetrated Kleiner’s anus with a dildo.

A giant monument of Abraham Lincoln masturbating to a porn magazine.

That furry, Renamon I think, on DarkRP D:

i joined a gm_flatgrass server an all i can tell you is dicks dicks everywhere

E2 holo cocks that follow players at anus and mouth areas

joining a server full of russian kids screaming into their mics and coming into a house only seeing bad sex poses on a stove

A dick, made out of phx. God, there should be something to censor those. :argh:



And the furry organizations on the original PERP servers.

GMod random movie machinimas.

Censorship is the bane of the internet.

A heavy hugging a huge dick. That jizzed all the time.

Bathub with a crucified black man and wire text screens with the N word write on them.

Either a giant floating drivable horse with bouncy health balls and turrets between the rear legs built by some mingebag, or a “bioship” built out of PHX parts and a Spacebuild MCP Cannon, with the flesh texture. Both of those have gone a bit too far…

Somebody had an explicit furry porn spray. It was more annoying than anything.
Also, somebody made a giant dong and attached rockets to the balls so that it flew around the server, knocking into people.

My detailed campfire equipped with KKK flags and an African fellow burning on a cross.

Somebody made a flying vagina.

if you had gotten hit by it, you would explode in cum. :ohdear:

Sorry, some of these things are just hilarious (to read about, probably not as fun when playing…)
I’d have to say alyx with a HUGE dick

Fucking disgusting? Probably the furry gang I saw on a gm_construct DarkRP, they would trap you in a corner and say “Are you a furry?” if you said no they would brutally murder you over and over
They were the “pet” class, aka Renemon :ohdear:

Someone was trying to make a large penis, so I make a hammer and started beating it senseless.

Hilarity ensued.