Most effective way in a money system?

From lurking a lot, people say that using Networked Variables is less efficient. What would be best to use in a money system?

I’m pretty sure if you use as less as possible Networked variables it shouldn’t do much.

So pretty much the only way I can do it is using Networked Variable, but just need to use a lot less?

Well, you can always send usermessages if you want, which I’d suggest. But I’m not clear myself which method you should use in this case. But I’d say at least if you want to use Networked Vars. I’d use as few as possible.

handle all money spending and giving on the server, then every time the amount of money changes send a usermessage to the client telling them their new amount of money.

IF you don’t know much, just use Networking. 5 Networked Variables aren’t going to rape your server.

Networked variables are unnecessary in a simple money system. Use usermessages. Yeah, a few networked variables won’t hurt, but it’s better to start off learning a harder (and it really, really, really isn’t) method that works much better and more efficiently, than learning a method that, with continued usage, can turn your gamemode into a lag-ridden piece of shit.

Usermessages are also much better representatives of the net library’s syntax, coming with the big update. Might as well get used to it.

I’ll stick to my NWVars in money systems. :expressionless:

On a serious note, I always use Usermessages, I just thought it’d be easier for him to use NWVars

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All I asked what the most effective variable in a money system… lol