Most effective way to hide your items/loot in rust! -Video

ok guys so i have no idea if this has been done ornah

people use a similar thing to hide a sleeping bag, but most servers seem to frown on it as cheating(as the foundation cannot be destroyed). might be different with the remove option, don’t know:) either way, pretty good idea.

Heh…good thing you don’t play on my server since I use this…

And I think it should be on all remove tools so sissys can’t hide their loot in unattainable places :wink:

Hidden walls within your base if it has a removal tool is best… other than that, small bags.

Anyone who uses this is a scumbag in my opinion, nothing else.

It’s not a very effective way to hide it imo.

It’s extremely effective. you can put as many boxes down as you want and no one can ever get to them. even glitchers cant get them unless they are using ESP to know the boxes are even there. you dont even need the remove tool but its better with it. (you can jsut put down a sleeping bag and suicide into the foundation). This is one of like 5 things that make this version of rust very broken.

Anyone with cheats (usually a multihack) can see them and based on my last couple of servers, about 20% of the Rust community cheats. Also, shit decays a lot quicker on the ground. I mean, you’re already playing on a server with remove so there must be no decay either. :v:

they really do lol. Ill admit I did this method once before and you have to heal the damn boxes everyday. I eventually decided it wasnt worth the effort for me.