Most efficient way to draw a 16x10 group of rectangles?

I had it before with no lag, now it lags like crazy. Im making a tag system, current draw code:
for k,v in pairs(Tags) do
for x=1,16 do
for y=1,10 do
if(!Tags) then break end
if(!Tags[y]) then break end
local Col=Tags[y]
local Pos=(LocalPlayer():GetPos()+Vector(12-x2,0,2.5-y2+100)):ToScreen()
if(Pos.visible) then
Whats the most inefficient part of this

Ehm if you explain what the code should do we might can find a much better solution.

But 3 loops in each other for drawing is pretty badass.

Oh an rounded boxes are using 4 textured rotated rects and 5 normal rects, you only should use them if you really need rounded corners.

The most inefficient parts would be:

Calling LocalPlayer 160 * Tags times each frame
Calling GetPos an equal number of times
Creating twice as many vectors ( vec + vec creates a vector )
Calling Vector:ToScreen an equal number of times
Calling draw.RoundedBox an equal number of times ( which draws 4 textured rects plus at least three untextured rects )

By using some simple math, we can replace your x and y loops with a single loop and still have the x and y values, and by creating the vector and fetching the position outside of the loop, we reduce the expense greatly.

[lua]HEIGHT = 10

local k, v, x, y, i, pos, vec, vec2

pos = LocalPlayer( ):GetPos( )
vec = Vector( 0, 0, 0 )

for k, v in pairs( Tags ) do
for i = 0, 159 do
x = START_INDEX + math.floor( i / HEIGHT )

	if v[ x ] and v[ x ][ y ] then
		vec.x = 12 - x * 2
		vec.z = 2.5 - y * 2 + 100
		vec2 = ( pos + vec ):ToScreen( )
		if vec2.visible then
			draw.RoundedBox( 2, vec2.x, vec2.y, 6, 6, v[ x ][ y ] )


This still will create 160 vectors from the addition, calls ToScreen 160 times, draw.RoundedBox 160 times, but it should run a lot faster now.

You should just use a normal rect for the “pixel”, but that’s your decision.

The tags have to be above the player, so yeah LocalPlayer will change.
But still, I remember using draw.RoundedBox and it dropped my fps only by 2, not by 50


And I think i found out why, 16 loops for tags. So in other words i do over 16000 draws(guestimated).


oh and looky, luapad failed to save again

Use notepad++.

I use luapad for quick debugging