Most Enjoyable,Lagless and Optimized set of SWEPs?

I’m looking for a temporary set of SWEPs that, of course, fits my needs and I would like to know your opinions.

They must be:

  1. Lagless (Optimized)
  2. Believable (Aesthetically correct)
  3. Fun :slight_smile:

I was about to go with CS:S Realistic but I’m not sure it’s optimized.

Look through the code and look at a few things.

If it’s not running a lot of data while firing and not running a lot in Think it’s probably not that bad.

I think MadCows was decent, it used DTVars at least.

I didn’t know that you could use DTVars on SWEPs. Now my sweps are optimised thanks to you sir :kiddo:.

You can use DTVars on any entity, SWEPs are entities. <3

What’s the diffrence between DTVars and NetworkedVars?